West Virginia ATV Guide

We’ve only highlighted a very few of the best ATV parks in West Virginia, but there are many other great areas for ATV and UTV trail riding to be found, within the Hatfield-McCoy system which tends to dominate the West Virginia ATV Trails, but also throughout the state. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your adventures take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Burning Rock Off-road Park

Location: 171 Burning Rock Drive, Sophia, WV

Located on 10,000 acres of wilderness, Burning Rock offers over 100 miles of off-roading trails suitable for a wide range of ATV riding experiences, from easy to expert. Riders can go from the family friendly Tams Loop to intermediate trails to the winch-recommended Amazon trail. On land formerly occupied by coal mining companies, this off-roading park stands on areas reclaimed from unusable rock and refuse from those operations. A member-based facility.

Chaos Off-Road Park

Location: County Rte. 15/4 Capon Bridge WV

This area offers 400 acres of family-friendly trails with everything from mild to wild. Here ATV riders and UTV riders can enjoy a wide variety of terrain types from scenic trails to mud bogs to rocky sections, to several miles of challenging mountain trails that range from smooth to rugged and slow, and even including some obstacle courses. Registration and fees are required.

Little Coal River ATV Trails

Location: 28 Big Pinnacle Branch Road, Julian, WV

Nearly 55 miles of trails mark the Little Coal River area. Once a part of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, the area is now privately owned but does not require a fee for using the ATV or UTV riding trails. It’s noted for having a high percentage of trails ideal for beginners and novice 4-wheeler riders, with nearly half the trails rated as easiest, along with 3.1 miles of most difficult trails.

Mountwood Park ATV Trails

Location: 1014 Volcano Rd. Waverly, WV

With 23 miles of trails rated from easy to difficult, there’s something for every ATV rider here. Most ATV and UTV trails fall in the easy/moderate category, but there are a couple shorter, more challenging trails for riders who want to test their mettle. They’re all on 600 acres set aside by the county for recreational motorized use. Plan on incredible views plus many options for other activities, like horseback riding, hiking and biking.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System

Location: 9 southern West Virginia Counties

This is the largest contiguous trail system in the United States with more than 1,000 miles of trail in the mountains of southern West Virginia and plans to reach double that size in the future with connecting trails in the works. It was created by the West Virginia legislature to provide a world-class trail system with an eye toward improving tourism in the state. It is available for ATV riding and UTV riding 365 days a year, and has access to many ATV-friendly towns along the way. Along with several others, it includes the six trail systems below, many of which are connected giving you the option for a long, long ride.

Bearwallow Trails

Location: 247 Bearwallow Drive, Ethel, WV

One of the most popular ATV riding venues in West Virginia in large part due to its scenic vistas, Bearwallow offers close to 100 miles of trails, many of them notable for their difficulty, with 19% of the trails rated as “most difficult” and 44% of the trails rated as “more difficult.” Opened in 2000 as one of the three trails in the original Hatfield-McCoy trail system.

Buffalo Mountain Trail System

Location:  34 Oakwood Heights Road, Williamson, WV

Commonly known as the most historic trail in the Hatfield-McCoy system, it’s relevant for being the site of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Buffalo Mountain offers nearly 90 miles of ATV trails and UTV trails along with two trailheads. With the most single track mileage of any area in the system, Buffalo Mountain offers a variety of terrains suitable for all skill levels with 55% of the trails rated easy, up to 22% rated the most more or most difficult.

Indian Ridge ATV Trails

Location: Northfork, WV

A relatively new addition to the Hatfield-McCoy system, Indian Ridge offers 63 miles of suitable for a wide variety of ATV riding experience levels. Noted for the beautiful wildflowers in the area, it includes 18 miles of trails rated easy, and 42.6 miles rated more difficult, most difficult, or extremely difficult.

Pocahontas Trail System

Location: Coaldale, just outside of the town of Bramwell, WV

The Pocahontas Trailhead is the southern Gateway to the Hatfield McCoy Trail system, and lets you link up with three other Hatfield-McCoy Trail Systems—Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek and Warrior— making for the most continuous miles of trails east of the Mississippi. Almost half the 94 miles of ATV riding trails are in the most difficult range. The area is known for its beautiful scenery and is historically known for its numerous millionaire homes from the early 20th century. 

Pinnacle Creek ATV Trails

Location: 2733 Pinnacle Road, Pineville, WV

Noted for its breathtaking scenic views and its proximity to world-class whitewater rafting and snow-skiing, Pinnacle Creek ATV Trails offers around 80 miles of trails for all experience levels. Up to a third of the ATV trails are rated as easy, another third is rated more difficult, with around 13 miles rated most difficult or extreme difficult.

Rockhouse / Browning Fork Trail Systems

Location: 383 Rockhouse Creek Road, Man, WV

With 90 miles of ATV riding trails Rockhouse offers includes a wide variety of trails for riders of all skill levels with a great mix of 31% easy trails, 29% moderately difficult trails, and the rest more challenging including some “extreme” riding challenges for advanced off-road enthusiasts. It’s the largest single trail in the Hatfield-McCoy system and was one of the original three.

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