Supply Chain Issues

Here at Treadworld, we greatly appreciate your business and support, and we look forward to fulfilling all your tires, tubes, assemblies and wheels needs.

We want to make you aware of a combination of issues that are affecting product availability and on-time delivery in some cases. The issues began with the imposition of 301 Tariffs in 2018, then worsened significantly when Covid-19 hit. The result is that we find ourselves facing an unprecedented perfect storm of constraints in global supply chains that includes widespread bottlenecks, container shortages, port congestion, rising shipping costs and a deluge of logistics challenges. In an ironic twist, the improving coronavirus outlook added another layer of stress to the situation by triggering an extremely rapid rebound in demand for goods that caught many manufacturers off-guard.

The blockage of the Suez Canal for nearly a week by the ship Ever Given earlier this year added more turmoil to a system that’s already stretched to its limits. Hundreds of ships were unable to get through to the U.S, and hundreds more were unable to return overseas. Additional strain was put both on the shortage of containers needed for exports, and the shortage of ships to transport them.

This lack of delivery reliability means many shipments are taking twice as long, and longer, to get to their destinations. This isn’t just a problem for us and others in the tire industry, it’s a problem for a large number of industries nationwide, impacting a wide range of product categories.

Unfortunately, this shipping crisis is now creating a manufacturing slowdown. Overseas factories are not set up to store the tires they produce. Many factories are now stopping production for several weeks at a time until the tires they’ve already produced can be loaded on containers and put on ships, both in extremely short supply.

We’re pulling out all the stops to find solutions. We’re contacting any and all ocean carriers, outside of our negotiated carriers, to get space at any cost to get Treadworld products into our warehouses. We are doing everything we can to source fill-in product for items that are being delayed until our factory containers arrive. And we are fine-tuning our processes to keep our website 100% up-to-date regarding in-stock merchandise, and delivery times. You can count on us to do everything possible.


Thank you for loyalty, and your support. Our commitment to bringing you the best quality tires, tubes, assemblies and wheels, at the best possible prices, has not wavered.


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