RubberMaster Forklift Tires
Pneumatic Forklift Tires, Tires for Mining and Construction

RubberMaster forklift tires are manufactured from top quality, heavy duty rubber to provide long life durability and superior handling-guaranteed. Whether you’re looking for forklift tires for mining, forklift tires for construction, or material handing forklift tires, you’ll find the forklift tires you want. Our pneumatic forklift tires are inflated with air which provides better traction and shock absorption, thereby making them extremely beneficial for outdoor use, as well as on uneven surfaces. RubberMaster forklift tires have deep, large block tread designs that mean top traction and stability to meet the needs of the most challenging applications.

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They are very similar. Ply used to refer to the actual number of plies the tire was built with. Tires today don't need as many plies because of modern material improvements are usually given a Load Range instead, represented by a letter. Each letter is equivalent to 2 plies. See the chart below to help guide you:

Load Range B equivalent to 4 Ply rating

Load Range C equivalent to 6 Ply rating

Load Range D equivalent to 8 Ply rating

Load Range E equivalent to 10 Ply rating

Load Range F equivalent to 12 Ply rating

Load Range G equivalent to 14 Ply rating

ST: Special Trailer 

P: Passenger Vehicles (cars, vans, light-duty trucks, and SUVs)

T: Temporary Spare

C: Commercial (vans or delivery trucks - capable of hauling heavy loads)

LT: Light Truck