Virginia ATV Guide

Virginia ATV Trail Guide

When it comes to ATV riding trails, Virginia promises thrilling escapades amidst plentiful wildlife and unrivaled panoramas. We’ve only highlighted a very few popular Virginia OHV areas, but there are many other great places throughout the state for ATV and UTV trail riding exploits. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your adventures take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Big Boys Playground LLC

Location: 5347 N Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA

Created by an outdoorsman who was fed up with finding his favorite pathways shut down, Big Boys is known for providing ATV riding and UTV riding challenges including a notorious mud pit known as the “Hell Hole,” another long, 150-foot mud pit, a 100-foot rock course and many other trails. Word is the owner is offering $100 to the first truck that can cross the Hell Hole on its own power, and offers help if you get stuck. Trails range in difficulty to accommodate beginning to experienced 4-wheeler riders.

Catfish ATV Trails and Road

Location: 480 Lewis Rd., Martinsville, VA

Known as the “Catfish Pond,” this 600-acre wilderness area offers ATV and UTV riding over rugged, muddy, forest terrain with over 60 miles of long-loop trails. There are some dry trails, but overall, this is a good place to get dirty and it’s a wise idea to keep an eye out for mud bogs, which can be quite deep. Trail markers on the main trail connect to many side trails making the area great for exploring.

Moto Cove ATV Trail

Location: 980 Cove Road, Gore, VA

Located on a 3,000-acre tree farm, this is one of the most interesting ATV parks in Virginia with a trail system comprised of four loop trails that vary in length from 2 miles long to 22 miles long. The 2-mile trail is great for novice ATV riders and the main trail can be enjoyed by experienced 4-wheeler riders. Count on forest trails leading through rugged terrain that is obstacle-filled with boulders, loose rocks, deep mud puddles, among steep hills and deep trenches.

Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap OHV Trail

Location: Peters Mill: atop Massanutten Mountain east of Edinburg, VA; Tasker’s Gap south of Edinburg Gap; also connected

The George Washington National Forest includes these two separate, but associated ATV trail systems marked by mountain vistas, scenic rock outcroppings, dense vegetation and deep forest. Peters Mill Run is a 13.7-mile system that heads north, with moderately steep, rocky, narrow trails, and some seasonal creek crossings; and Taskers Gap heads south for 14.4 miles, with twelve marked loops that offer varying degrees of difficulty for ATV riders. These two trails are connected, both offering loose, rocky tread and for the most part easy to intermediate ratings, but it is recommended that only advanced riders try to access both from the same trailhead because the trails that connect the two are rated difficult and most difficult.

Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

Location: Craig County, Lower Trailhead, Covington VA

Not for novices or the weak at heart,  Potts is remote and surrounded by rugged wilderness and national forest. While very scenic with awe-inspiring views, a good chance for wildlife sightings, and mountain streams for ATV and UTV riders, it also promises an unforgettable 4-wheeling adventure with large boulders, jagged rocks and a few steep drops and slopes. Some areas on this 14.8 mile trail require high clearance so keep an eye out for obstacle bypasses.

Spearhead Trails

Location: 502 Front St E, Coeburn, VA

The crown jewel of off-road parks in Virginia is Spearhead Trails, a world-class destination made up of seven trail systems that offer up over 600 miles of ATV trails and UTV trails crisscrossing mountainous terrain in southwestern Virginia for 4-wheeler riders of any skill level. Plans are for additional trail systems to be added in the future, plus a connection with the Hatfield-McCoy Trails System in West Virginia is in the works.  

Spearhead: Coal Canyon

Location:  1124 Chipping Sparrow Road, Grundy, VA

Currently offering over 200 miles of trails with plans to expand to over 500 miles, Coal Canyon is an exciting resource for ATV riding in Virginia. The trails weave through 5,600 acres of mountainous landscape, mostly flat, making this a wonderful venue for families, but overall provide a balanced number of beginner, intermediate, and expert opportunities. Open canyons descend into patches of woods and fields where elk and other wildlife live in their natural habitat along with many types of terrain from rocky trails filled with gravel, to large stone, and even occasional mud bogs when the weather cooperates.

Spearhead: Mountain View

Locations: Saint Paul: 3461 Hidden Acres Rd., St Paul, VA and Coeburn: 4850 Little Tom Rd., Coeburn, VA and Coeburn/Dan Hall: 13105 Pleasant Rd., Coeburn, VA

Thought by many to represent the most exciting ATV trails in VA, Mountain View lies in the middle of the Appalachia Mountains and offers a satisfying, scenic mix of trails to satisfy every ATV rider, regardless of experience level. It offers 48 trails rated as hard, geared for proficient riders, and 23 trails rated as intermediate or easy. A multi-use trail system, it’s got 188 tree-lined miles of trails for 4-wheeling, and also 20 miles of single track for mountain biking.

Spearhead: Pocahontas

Location: Pocahontas: 210 Railroad Ally, Pocahontas, VA
Boissevain: 132 Miners Park Lane, Bluefield, VA

With one trailhead beginning in the historic town of Pocahontas and another outside the town of Boissevain, this trail system offers 73 miles of trails on 2,100 acres to accommodate riders seeking every difficulty level, but trending more towards beginner and intermediate level riders. The 43 mostly looping trails run through shaded forests, then open up to stunning landscapes. This is part of Virginia’s official “coal heritage zone” with a multitude of historic exhibitions and a National Historic Landmark.

Spearhead: Ridgeview Trails

Location: 849 Kiwanis Park Road, Haysi, VA 

When ATV riders of any experience level are looking for great scenic views, the 75 miles of trails through woods and along open ridges in the Ridgeview system is a likely choice. Most of the 43 trails are hardpack with pretty much an equal number rated as easy, moderate, or difficult, so ATV adventurers can find the level of challenge they want. Connects with the Coal Canyon system, adding another 200 miles of trails to the mix.

Spearhead: Stone Mountain

Location: 335 Fairground Rd., Pennington Gap, VA

Dotted with nine scenic overlooks that afford breathtaking views of southwest Virginia and the state’s forest, Stone Mountain’s 32 miles of trails are geared more toward expert to intermediate riders than to newbies, with lots of rugged, steep terrain. On 500 acres, this system offers climbs with loops, allowing riders to branch off and test their mettle on steep, technical challenges. 

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