Tennessee ATV Guide

Tennessee ATV Trail Guide

Deciding where to ride ATV in Tennessee can be difficult because so much of the rugged country begs you to jump on your machine and explore. Here we’ve only highlighted a very few popular ATV parks in Tennessee, but there are many other great areas throughout the state where ATV and UTV trail riding can be found. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your adventures take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Adventure Off-Road Park

Location: 1040 Ellis Cove Road, South Pittsburg, TN

Located in the mountains of South Central Tennessee on 500 acres of wilderness, this park offers more than 120 trails suitable for a wide range of ATV riding experience from easy to extreme. The terrain varies from off-road trails great for beginning riders, to rugged, steep hills, to mud bogs, to extreme natural rock trails, and even some unique obstacle courses. Fee required.

Buffalo Mountain ATV Park

Location: 570 Highridge Road, Johnson City, TN

Located in the Cherokee National Forest, this is the only trail open to ATV and UTV trail riding in the area just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of The Great Smokey Mountains. Not recommended for beginning riders, this is a scenic, rugged and challenging, 13-mile trail, mostly hard-packed, that weaves through the woods following the Buffalo Mountains ridgeline. The trail is mostly shaded, with rocks,
mud and dust over steep hills and a few berms. Part of the trail twists near the Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower. It’s a linear, which means one way in and one way out.

Brimstone Recreation

Location: 2860 Baker Highway, Huntsville, TN

With trails for every ATV riding skill level, Brimstone Recreation promotes and manages over 300 miles of OHV trails and roads winding through nearly 20,000 acres. Trails through wooded and mountainous areas and the occasional stream crossings range from easy logging and gravel roads to moderate
challenges with ruts, washouts, steep climbs, and deep mud, to difficult trails ideal for ATV riders and UTV riders looking for a bigger challenge.

Doe Mountain Recreation Area

Location: 1203 Harbin Hill Road, Mountain City, TN

This area offers over 8,300 acres of wilderness mountain terrain, with over 60 miles of trails ideal for ATV and UTV riding, with many multi-use trails for horses, mountain bikes and hikers as well. These trails are marked, rated and lightly maintained, weaving through heavily forested areas with a few steep hills, water crossings, and berms. Most of these ATV riding trails are rated easy, though 4-wheeler riders that are looking for more of challenge can also find more rugged trails here.

North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area

Location: Sundquist Unit: 609 Titus Hollow Road, Pioneer, TN

Adjoining the Brimstone Recreation, Trails End, Stinking Creek and several other areas packed with ATV and UTV trails, North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area itself has over 600 miles of multi-use trails on over 140,000 acres of wilderness in three units — the Royal Blue Unit, Sundquist Unit and New River Unit — for some of the best ATV riding Tennessee has to offer. ATV trails are named and numbered and
have confidence markers in largely mature hardwoods areas. The WMA spans four counties (Scott, Anderson, Campbell and Morgan) and riders can expect to see the only elk herd in the east, whitetail deer, wild turkey and beaver.

Prentice Cooper State Forest

Location: 3998 Game Reserve Rd, Chattanooga, TN

Located on the scenic Tennessee Gorge, this area offers 100 miles of wide, mostly hardpacked trails that make for great 4-wheeler riding, especially for less experienced riders, and those who appreciate breathtaking views of the Tennessee River. ATV riders will love this riverfront destination that includes some steep hill climbs, sprawling forest land and a few water crossings. A great place to watch several varieties of birds as they migrate through Tennessee.

Ride Royal Blue Resort

Location: 6307 Stinking Creek Road Pioneer TN

This is a family-owned ATV resort that connects to the Tennessee Wildlife Management Area called Royal Blue and Sundquist, and so offers ATV trail riding access to over 200,000 acres of Tennessee mountains and wilderness, with stunning rock formations and beautiful scenic loops. The over 900 miles of trails are marked for, and rated for, difficulty, primarily from easy to moderate. They weave through
both heavily wooded areas and scenic outlooks, bordering abandoned mines, large boulder formations, and even a few waterfalls.

Wheelin’ in the Country

Location: 128 Anderson Creek Road, Summertown, TN

You’ll find 10 miles of prime 4-wheeler trails through more than 700 acres of forested areas marked by deep mud pits and ponds, ravines, gullies and steep hill climbs in this privately-owned park. Trails are suitable for all experience levels, from beginner to those looking for the ultimate challenge. Hills, gullies, rock ledges, rock gardens, flex ramps, ravines, mud pits and ponds are just a few of the obstacles to be found. Fee required.

Windrock Park

Location: 800 Windrock Road, Oliver Spring, TN

One of the most popular areas for riding off-road in Tennessee, Windrock Park offers 315 miles of trails spread over 73,000 acres of wilderness, making it the largest privately owned area in Tennessee. ATV and UTV riding trails are highlighted by steep climbs, water crossings, boulders, and cliffs. Trails are rated from easy with gravel roads for a fun, scenic ride, to difficult with dirt, rocks and ruts, to extremely
difficult with boulders and cliffs. Fee required.

Wooly’s Off-Road

Location: 2003 Mooresville Road, Lynnville, TN

This Tennessee OHV area rests on 500 acres and offers miles of trails weaving through wooded areas, with steep hill climbs, some rocks and small jumps. You’ll also find numerous off-road trails with features like rock ledges, mud holes, gullies, steep hills, and rocky ditches. Fee required, only open during weekends and holidays.


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