South Carolina ATV Guide

South Carolina ATV Trail Guide

When it comes to riding your ATV, South Carolina provides you with plenty of opportunities for letting loose and testing the limits of your machine. With plenty of forest lands, hills and creeks all around, ATV riders and UTV riders can find plenty to like about off-roading in South Carolina. We’ve only highlighted a very few of the top ATV trails in SC, but there are many other great areas for ATV and UTV trail riding to be found throughout the state. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you want for whatever adventures come your way. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Battery Park Off-Road

Location: 98 Harvest Rd, Nesmith, SC


This area offers ATV riders and UTV riders over 30 miles of enduro-track-style trails of mostly clay, black dirt and sand, along with three loops of two-track trails suitable for ATV riders of all skill levels and especially beginning and intermediate riders. Expect big elevation changes and there’s a very good chance you will get dirty, weather permitting, thanks to a large number of onsite mud bogs.

Broken Nut Off-Road Park

Location: 5496 Eubanks Rd, Jefferson, SC


This is one of the most popular ATV parks in SC with 350 acres crisscrossed by ATV riding trails that include hill climbs, mud pits that range from shallow ponds to deep and swampy creek crossings, and some challenging ravines in the woods. The 4-wheeler trails offer a good variety of sand, clay, loose and hard packed dirt terrain that will challenge riders of all skill levels. Expect a few small jumps.

Carolina Adventure World

Location: 1515 Arrowhead Rd, Winnsboro, SC


This is considered one of the top ATV parks in South Carolina with its over 100 miles of trails weaving through over 2,600 acres of wilderness. Many of the trails are custom groomed to be ideal for ATV riders from beginner to expert without worry about unwanted obstacles. You’ll find plenty of ATV trail riding challenges with mud bogs, rock crawls, hills and a dragstrip, with bridges to help you pass over the main creek.

Gulches Off-Road Vehicle Park

Location: 6850 Indian Mound Rd, Waterloo, SC


Here you’ll find ATV trails and UTV trails for all levels of riding experience, with easier tracks with no obstacles and simple climbs for beginning riders, to trails with hill climbs, rocky road and ruts that may require a lot of horsepower and maybe even a winch, that will challenge even the most experienced 4-wheeler riders. Though smaller than some other ATV parks in SC at just 80 acres, the area nevertheless boasts more than 40 directional trails and five one-way trails, all marked with colored signs that denote difficulty.

Manchester State Forest OHV Trails

Location: 6740 Headquarters Rd, Wedgefield, SC


Covering approximately 28,765 acres, this area has 1,400 acres dedicated to off-road recreation offering some great sandy, tree-lined trails, interspersed with mudding trails, sand dunes, whoops, swamps and steep climbs for more skilled riders. The area includes 19 miles of trail that are laid out in three loops through hardwood and pine forests. Expect mostly sand 4-wheeler riding, along with some hard pack, some rocks, and a few small jumps.

River Neck Acres ATV Park

Location: 4459 River Neck Rd #5002, Florence, SC


Here you’ll find over 55 miles of trails weaving through nearly 1,200 acres of South Carolina wilderness. Well-known for its mud-riding adventures and swamps, River Neck trails are primarily rated for novice and intermediate ATV riding experience, with lots of flat dirt and sandy terrain along with some trails crossing waterways.

Sumter National Forest (Cedar Springs OHV Trails, Enoree OHV Trails, Parson’s Mountain OHV Trails)

Location: 20 Work Center Rd, Whitmire, SC


This national forest has some the best ATV trails SC has to offer with three distinct trails. The 12 miles of ATV riding that is Cedar Springs OHV Trails has two loop trails weaving through hilly landscape, mixed pine and hardwoods, and some rocky areas, with terrain ranging from dirt, clay, gravel, or hardwood bottoms. Enoree OHV Trails has 23 miles of easy or moderate loop trails, and one that is specifically designated for beginners. The mostly narrow trails travel along rolling piedmont hills and pine forests and have interconnecting loops that give you the opportunity for longer rides. Parsons Mountain OHV Trails offers a network of 12.6 miles of wide, one-way trails running through a forest and pine plantation known for its wildlife. All three trail systems are suitable for ATV riders of all experience levels.

Wambaw Cycle Trails

Location: Francis Marion National Forest, 2967 Steed Creek Rd, Huger, SC


Named for revolutionary war hero Francis Marion (known to the British as the Swamp Fox), the national forest that contains Wambaw lies within the Middle Atlantic coastal forests ecoregion. Wambaw offers two distinct figure-eight ATV trails that weave through a mix of hardwoods and pine. Terrain is ideal for beginning and intermediate riders, along with anyone who appreciates the beauty of the outdoors and wildlife, especially turkeys and white-tailed deer.

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