Rhode Island ATV Trail Guide

Rhode Island ATV Trail Guide

Where-Oh-Where Can 4-Wheeler Riders Get Their Adventure On in Rhode Island?  

OK, starting at the beginning of this fairly short tale…Rhode Island defines ATV riders and UTV riders as users of recreational vehicles, and therefore subject to the recreational vehicle rules and regulations. Those regulations state that if you plan to go ATV riding or UTV riding while in the state, your OHV must be registered with the Director of Natural Resources, and to register your ATV or UTV in Rhode Island, you will first need a title from the division of motor vehicles.


Once you have your registration and title, your next step will likely be to attempt to identify the best spots to go off-roading in Rhode Island. Maybe you’ll search for “ATV trails near me.” And maybe you’ll ask likely-looking 4-wheeler riding locals where to ride ATVs.


You might find yourself slightly frustrated to discover that all your ATV trail riding and UTV trail riding queries will be met with the same answer, which may very well be: “That’s a wicked question. Why don’t we go get some steamers and cabinets, then go hang out at the track instead?” Which in Rhode Island-ese means “That’s a great question. Why don’t we go get some steamed clams and milkshakes, then go hang out at the Twin River Casino instead?”


Which is a long way to go to tell you that, unless you know private landowners in Rhode Island that are open to the idea of you ATV riding on your property and are willing to give you written consent, your ATV or UTV is staying in the back of your truck.


Because there are no ATV riding trails and there are no UTV riding trails in entire state of Rhode Island. Not that the state doesn’t have plenty of natural parks and wildlife management areas—it does. But—you can’t ride there.


Now granted, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union at just 37 miles wide by 48 miles long. But even so, it’s an unfortunate circumstance that there are no designated 4-wheeler trails anywhere within its borders because the state is beautiful, with coastal lowlands, lagoons, sandy beaches and dense forest lands.


So, to Sum Up…

…when you’re looking for ATV trails and UTV trails, and mudding trails and mud bogs, and boulder jumping and rock crawling—and any other OHV-riding adventures—the two words for you to remember are…”Massachusetts” (to the north and south) and “Connecticut,” to the west. Because unless you’re a Rhode Island landowner, or are related to one, there’s no off-roading allowed in Rhode Island.


That’s All Folks



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