Premium Quality Advantage

RubberMaster Tires, RubberMaster Tubes, Master ATV Tires and SteelMaster Wheels are among the best-performing, highest quality tires, tubes and wheels you can buy. Guaranteed.

What Makes Them the Best?

The Finest Materials. That’s Where It All Starts.

  • RubberMaster Tires and Master Tires are made from the finest top-grade natural rubber so they’re high-performing, safe, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • RubberMaster Tubes are made from premium-quality, heavy-duty rubber to be highly-durable and ideal for all types of on/off-road applications.
  • SteelMaster Wheels are built tough from high-quality steel, using the latest production techniques. They feature a good-looking, electrostatically-applied powder coat finish to resist fading and corrosion.

Innovative Designs that Lead the Way.

We continually look for ways to improve the designs of our tires, with an eye toward dependability, stability, reduced heat buildup and low-rolling resistance.

  • We were one of the very first to offer lawn & garden tires with a rounded shoulder structure to lessen the impact on turf.
  • Our tires are engineered with computer-designed tread patterns to provide sure-grip traction in dry and wet conditions for specific applications.

Quality Control: Our Comprehensive Testing Is the Best in the Industry.

Every tire goes through a state-of-the-art triple-check testing process before it gets to your doorstep. It’s complicated, but in a nutshell:

  • The tire balance test makes certain the tire will rotate properly and wear evenly.
  • The uniformity test sees to it that the tire will hold up to any situations and conditions you face.
  • The harmonic analysis test ensures that all parts of the tire work well together as a whole.
  • Then each tire is X-rayed to make sure it’s flawless.

What Does Our Commitment to Premium Quality Mean to You?

  • Improved no-hassle performance you can rely on
  • Improved handling and stability to keep you safe
  • Improved wear-resistance for long life
  • Improved fuel consumption to save you money
  • Improved productivity thanks to less downtime

As important as our commitment to providing you with the best quality tires, tubes and wheels, is our commitment to your 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. Check out our Ultimate Advantage Warranty.



Premium Quality Advantage


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