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The Best OHV Trails in Oregon

When it comes to OHV trails, Oregon has a lot to offer with its beautiful rivers, expansive deserts, dense forests and windswept dunes – which, uniquely, you can find inland in the middle of the state – making this an ATV and UTV trail riding nirvana. There is a broad range of types of ATV and UTV riding here, with over 54 designated ATV trails in Oregon, and the state is comprised of more than 60% public lands which means a high-level of trail maintenance, signs, maps and staging area facilities. The central part of the state alone has over 1,000 miles of OHV Oregon trails. Wondering how to find the best ATV and UTV trails in Oregon? Want to learn where to ride ATVs when you’re in the state? Looking for “ATV trails near me” when you’re in Oregon? Here you go. Below is a list of just a few of the most popular Oregon OHV trails, compiled by the experts at Treadworld, with location information and websites where available.

Blue Mountain OHV Trail

Location: In Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in northeast Oregon

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/wallowa-whitman/recreation/ohv/?cid=stelprdb5292558

One of the most popular Oregon ATV trails, the Blue Mountain trail in the magnificent Wallowa-Whitman National Forest stretches out for more than 56 miles, plus has a number of short side loops you can take. Mostly hardpack soft dirt and clay, the trail can be narrow at times, so there is a 50-inch width limit. Since the trail is mostly free from any kind of rough blocks, and consists of several land bridges, it can be enjoyed by ATV riders of any experience level, novice to expert.

Atv trails in Oregon
Sand bowl in the middle of Oregon

Christmas Valley Oregon Dunes Trail

Location: 60 miles south of Bend, OR, on State Highway 31

Website: http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_christmas_valley.htm

Many 4-wheeler riders love this area because of the fabulous sand bowls and 11,000 acres of sand dunes it’s known for, and because of the spectacular Fossil Lake, a dry lakebed featuring the remains of many prehistoric animals that became fossilized in the lake sediments—which is closed to vehicles in the immediate area, but is still worth checking out. If you don’t have an appreciation for mudding trails and mud bogs, you would do well to avoid this area in early spring because it can get extremely muddy.

Cline Buttes OHV Area

Location: Barr Rd, Redmond, OR

Website: https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/documents/files/Clinebuttes_OHV_brochure.pdf

When you’re in the mood to eat some dust, this nearly 16-mile trail is an excellent choice. The trail is moderate, and provides plenty of wildlife views, making it great for families. Trail #34 features a spectacular rock crawl that’s been featured in national magazines, and trails around the North Barr trailhead wind through ancient juniper and twisted lava rock while providing gorgeous views of the Cascade Mountains. Thanks to the dusty nature of this area, ATV and UTV riders often come here when other spots are rained out or snowed in.

Dirt atv trail in Oregon
ATV in the middle of a valley in Oregon

Millican Valley OHV Trails

Location: Southwest of Prineville, OR. along George Millican Road, extending south of Highway 20

Website: https://www.blm.gov/visit/millican-valley-ohv-trail-system

One of the largest Oregon OHV areas, Millican Valley includes 255 miles of designated routes, nine staging areas, and three play areas. It’s really four sections in one, with the Millican ODOT Pit with gravel mounds and a novice loop section; the Millican Plateau with many sandy trails; the North Millican area with its large cinder pit/play area; and the South Millican area located on an ancient lakebed and offering some rolling hills riding. The trails are actively maintained, and designated for various ATV riding skill levels allowing you to choose trails according to your experience. Whether a beginner or a pro, you’ll find some challenges here with gravel mounds providing excellent jumping opportunities, and flats around the perimeter of the pits where you can open it up a bit.

Morrow-Grant County OHV Park

Location: Around 20 miles south of Heppner, OR, on Hwy 207 near Hardman

Website: http://www.rideatvoregon.org/wheretoride/view/dsp_location.cfm?siteid=40

With around 200 miles of trails on 9,000 acres of land, this area is one of the most popular OHV parks in Oregon. The trails weave through diverse terrain including large meadows, tall grass, clay pits, rock crawling areas, dense woodlands and a renowned mud pit (which is not always open.) ATV trails and UTV trails are a combination of hardpack and loose dirt, with loops, slopes and hills along with a few small jumps, large jumps and berms to keep you on your toes.

Trail in the middle of the woods
Water falls in Prospect OHV Trail System

Prospect OHV Trail System

Location: Prospect, OR, off state hwy 62

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/rogue-siskiyou/recarea/?recid=69994

Providing some of the most beautiful ATV riding in Oregon, the Prospect trail system is celebrated for its incredible riding through beautiful forest wilderness and its up-close views of deer and other wildlife. With over 250 miles of well-maintained, well-marked trails, the area offers a great diversity of unique terrain for riders of all abilities, including loose dirt, mud, dust, rocks, trees, and more. While most of the trails would be rated as “moderate,” ATV enthusiasts seeking extra thrills will want to seek out the trail known as “The Maze,” which has been characterized as “a fast, smooth and narrow twisty that winds through the trees near the staging area…with lots of up and downs and berms in every corner.”

Three Trails

Location: 5825 Rd, Crescent, OR

Website: http://www.rideatvoregon.org/wheretoride/view/dsp_location.cfm?siteid=56

Part of the Deschutes National Forest, this relatively recently established trail system was created to provide unique 4-wheeler riding in central Oregon. It currently consists of over 60 miles of designated trails—there are plans to add more—that include many loops ranging from tight and twisting to smooth and fast, leading through a mixed pine tree forest with some high desert vegetation. You’ll find the ATV riding trails and the UTV riding trails to be well-maintained, and most of the water crossings now feature recently-added bridges. If your machines are street legal, you can explore the northern trails that tie into the Muttonchop and Rivers North areas.

Trees and trails of Three Trails in Oregon
Siuslaw National Forest Oregon atv trails

Siuslaw National Forest

Location: Along the central Oregon Coast between Coos Bay and Tillamook

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/siuslaw/recreation/recarea/?recid=42465

Thanks to a variety of ecosystems that includes lush forests covering coastal mountains, to Pacific Ocean beaches, through the unique Oregon sand dunes, ATV paradise awaits at the Siuslaw National Forest with its 630,000 acres. The two main popular ATV trail riding areas here are the Oregon Dunes and the Sand Lake Recreation Area. With wind-sculpted sand dunes towering up to 500 feet above sea level, the 31,500-acre Oregon Dunes is packed with more than 40 miles of 4-wheeler trails. Here you can ride through vast open dunes, cruise through tree islands and plains, ride steep hills or meander through designated sand routes surrounded by beautiful plant life, including shore pine, wax myrtle, huckleberry, and salal. This is one of the largest expanses of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world. At the Sand Lake Recreation Area, the entirety of the 1,076 acres is open to OHV riders, through miles of forests and open sand dunes, offering inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean. Family-friendly, this is a great area for novice ATV riders to get some experience. With the areas proximity to the ocean, summers tend to be cooler and winters tend to be moderate.

That’s Only a Few

For enthusiasts of the ATV, Oregon has a lot to offer with seemingly endless diverse terrain and natural wonders. And the state takes pride in its efforts to keep trails maintained and safe. We’ve only highlighted a few of the many places for an exhilarating ATV ride Oregon has to offer, but you’ll be able to find many more throughout the state, without much effort.


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