Ohio ATV Trail Guide

Ohio ATV Trail Guide

Benefiting from the woods, creeks, and hills all around, ATV riders and UTV riders can find plenty of ideal ATV riding trails in Ohio, some that will challenge and all that will provide some of the most beautiful scenic views in the U.S. We’ve only highlighted a very few of the best off-road parks in Ohio, but there are many other great areas for 4-wheeler riding to be found throughout the state. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your adventures take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Bear Creek Ranch KOA

Location: 3232 Downing St SW, East Sparta, OH

Website: https://www.bearcreek.us/

Here you’ll find 26 miles of marked ATV riding trails through 180 acres of primarily forested areas with a wide variety of terrain and trails for all skill levels, including hardpack, loose dirt, and sand. ATV trails and UTV trails range from wide, smooth, and fast to narrow and snaky with ruts, rocks, scattered mud pits, and include a 250-foot hill climb, some creeks, both large and small hill jumps, some steep hills, and some sand and gravel pits.

Haspin Acres

Location: 21208 Laurel Road, Laurel, IN

Website: https://www.haspinacres.com/home/

Though not technically one of the ATV parks in Ohio since it’s located in Indiana, Haspin Acres is an honorable mention on this list because it’s near both Cincinnati and Dayton, and is popular among Ohio 4-wheeler riders. The scenic 750-acre tract of woods and hills includes ATV and UTV riding trails with river crossings, hill climbs, and more. Additionally, there’s a 300-foot loose dirt drag strip, a pair of mud bogs, and a new UTV racetrack. Most of your exploring will be on unmarked trails except for occasional directional arrows.

Perry State Forest

Location: 6665 Cutler Lake Road, Blue Rock, OH

Website: https://ohiodnr.gov/wps/portal/gov/odnr/go-and-do/plan-a-visit/find-a-property/perry-state-forest

When you’re wondering where to ride ATVs in Ohio, consider this area where you’ll find 16 miles of multi-use 4-wheeler trails open to ATV and UTV riding on 4,567 acres of wilderness offering a good mix of terrain. Mostly wooded trails with hard parks, but you will also find some hills, ridges, hollows, and mudding trails too. Much of the area was strip-mined for coal decades ago, resulting in very rugged, sometimes barren terrain.

Pike State Forest

Location: 334 Lapperell Rd, Latham, OH

Website: https://ohiodnr.gov/wps/portal/gov/odnr/go-and-do/plan-a-visit/find-a-property/pike-state-forest

When you’re looking for the best ATV riding in Ohio, check out this area offering 20 miles of trails that weave through woods, over ridges, and into hollows spread over 12,084 acres of forest wilderness. Most of the trails are smooth, loose dirt, and suited for beginning riders, but expect a few challenging sections with rough terrain and steep hill climbs. Many of the trails form long loops with moderate elevations, winding through hollows and ridge tops, all with beautiful scenic views.

Renegade Ridge

Location: US-22, Bloomingdale, OH

Website: https://www.renegadeatv.com/

This area is home to over 27 miles of well-marked, well-maintained trails on 1,500 acres of Ohio wilderness, mostly forest land with a few creeks and hills. Trail difficulty levels vary from family-friendly to challenging for advanced riders, and include several mud bogs for some dirty fun, along with some steep hill climbs. One of the most popular places to ride ATVs in Ohio, the park offers regular weekend rides and racing events.

Tecumseh Trails

Location: 8621 State Route 155 SE, Hemlock, OH

Website: https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/ohio_15262/ride_ebd3.htm

One of the most popular ATV parks in Ohio, this area offers more than 65 miles of trails spread out over 1000 acres of wilderness, highlighted by plenty of hills, mixed hardwoods, valleys, more than 20 stream crossings, and mudding trails. Family-friendly trails are looped, well-marked, and rated according to difficulty so they’re easy to follow and suitable for riders of all abilities. Every ridge has at least one hill, some quite steep.

Wayne National Forest (Monday Creek OHV)

Location: 13700 US Highway 33, Nelsonville, OH

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/wayne

Ohio off-road trails don’t get any better than the over 300 miles of multi-use trails, including at least 145 miles of ATV and UTV trail riding trails, you’ll find in the Appalachian foothills within the quarter of a million acres of Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio. Here you’ll find four different trail systems, all of them offering adventures for ATV riders and all of them with breathtaking views:

Monday Creek OHV Trail System provides 8 different trails that encompass 75-miles of designated ATV riding. The trails are primarily smooth and fast hardpack, with occasional berms along with some loose dirt, mud, rocks, steep hills, water crossings and a few small and large jumps.

Wayne National Forest, (Hanging Rock, Pine Creek, Superior)

Location: 13700 US Highway 33, Nelsonville, OH

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/wayne

Hanging Rock OHV Trail System boasts 26 miles of dirt trails that wind through an area that hosted strip-mining in the 1960’s and 70’s. Much of the upland area was badly scarred, and provides riding challenges with its steep slopes. In many spots, dirt paths and ponds combine for a fun, muddy experience. Side note: 51 ponds here are stocked for fishing.

Pine Creek OHV Trail System has three trailheads with around 20 miles of rolling, challenging trails through scenic forest.

Superior OHV Trail System offers over 17 miles of exciting trails that are perfect for ATV trail riding. The system also has two connector trails to the Pine Creek OHV Trail System for continuous riding opportunities plus additional trailhead access points.


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