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New Jersey ATV Trail Guide

When It Comes to Spots for ATV Riding, New Jersey Has a Few!

Finding somewhere safe and legal can be a frustrating experience for ATV riders and UTV riders in New Jersey—especially since ATV trail riding in state parks and forests is illegal in the state. However, even though the state borders the Atlantic Ocean and doesn’t have a ton of access to open land, it’s not hopeless for 4-wheeler riders—just limited, primarily to private property with permission and privately managed pay parks. Unfortunate to be sure, since New Jersey is a picturesque state, known for its beautiful landscape, large pine forests and white, sandy beaches. Looking for the best ATV trails and UTV trails in New Jersey? Wondering how to find ATV trails near me when you’re in New Jersey? Want to learn more about the “can’t miss” ATV riding and UTV riding options in the state? Here you go. Below is a list, such as it is, of some options for off-road trails in New Jersey, compiled by the experts at Treadworld, with location information and websites where available.

LBI ATV Riding Club

Location: west of exit 63 Garden State Parkway, Beach Haven West, NJ


This is an exclusive 4-wheeler riding club offering guided rides mostly on members properties and on club property bordering the New Jersey Pine Barrens, which stretches across seven New Jersey counties and is the largest remaining example of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecosystem. Enjoy more than 10 miles of ATV riding trails that include ATV race tracks along with whoops, jumps, sand pits, mud bogs, craters, walls, hills, and straightaways. Bring your own machines or use theirs, which are insured, registered and have license plates. Helmets are also provided. Each tour has one or two chaperones to make sure your ride goes safely and smoothly. The Club website says that 90% of those that visit have never ridden an ATV before, 70% are female and the oldest rider to date was 73 years old.

Photo of LBI ATV Riding Club in New Jersey
Photo of Mount Pleasant OHV Park in New Jersey

Mount Pleasant OHV Park

Location: 2651 Petersburg Road, Woodbine, NJ


The Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park is open Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting, and is ideal for novice and intermediate experience riders. Before becoming one of the few New Jersey’s ATV parks with 11 acres of riding area among its 63 acres, this park served as a sand mine, a motocross track, and a paintball course. 4-wheeler trails are mostly sand with some loose dirt, no mudding trails and a few rocky segments. Expect many small jumps, a few larger jumps, some berms and some sand and gravel pits.

New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams

Location: 1951 Buckshutem Road, Millville, NJ


If you’re looking for New Jersey ATV trails, this park offers 100 acres of well-maintained land for your exploration. Though its focus is more on motocross riding, you can rent ATVs here. The 3.5-mile wooded trail with multiple trail links is popular, and there is a Pee Wee trail track for beginning riders. Expect mostly loose dirt with some sand, a ton of small jumps, a few large jumps and many berms. As with most of the ATV parks New Jersey offers, this one is privately-owned, members only.


Photo of New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams In New Jersey
Photo of Old Bridge Township/Englishtown Raceway Park in New Jersey

Old Bridge Township/Englishtown Raceway Park

Location: 230 Pension Road, Englishtown, NJ


This privately owned park offers what has been described as “a racing-style motorsports park to drag racers, motocross riders and ATV riders.” It spans 500 acres, and has a 1.5-mile natural terrain track and a separate pee wee park for young ATV riders. The terrain includes many obstacles, and is loose dirt with some hardpack, berms, trees, many small jumps and a few large jumps.

Ready to Ride, Off-Road Palls

Location: 2594 Tilten Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Featuring 30 acres of riding area, this is a family-friendly club with ATV and UTV riding trails, along with areas for dirt bikes and go-carts. It’s the only place where UTV trail riding is legal in the state and is a very popular spot for off-roading in New Jersey. There are a number of different trails that accommodate all skill levels, from a half-mile long beginner’s loop, to a 3 mile intermediate loop, to a 2-mile expert level loop. The terrain is mostly sandy and flat, weaving through forested land. Membership is required, and is open to anyone aged 6 or older who has access to their own vehicle. The park is operated by the Egg Harbor Police Athletic League., and first-timers are expected to schedule a park orientation before using the trails. Like many of the ATV trails New Jersey has, these are primarily sandy with some loose dirt, some hardpack and a few rocky areas, a few small and large jumps, and many berms.

Photo of Ready to Ride, Off-Road Palls trail in New Jersey

That’s Just a Few

When you’re wondering where to ride ATVs in the state, you’ll quickly find it’s a pretty short list—a list that is made up of only private ATV parks New Jersey offers. Which is unfortunate because New Jersey is a beautiful state with many beautiful state parks, but with no legal off-road trails NJ country means private land, pay for it, or break the law.


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