New Hampshire ATV Trails

New Hampshire ATV Trails

The Best New Hampshire ATV Trails

Despite being the fifth smallest state by area, New Hampshire offers ATV and UTV riders an outstanding variety, and abundance, of beautiful countryside to explore with over 1,000 miles of trails. And, it’s home to longest off-highway recreational vehicles trail system in the U.S. – Ride the Wilds. Wondering where to ride ATVs in New Hampshire? Want to find ATV trails near me when you’re in New Hampshire? Want to find all the best New Hampshire ATV trails? Here you go. Below is a list of just a few of the most popular New Hampshire off-road trails, compiled by the experts at Treadworld, with location information and websites where available.

Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail

Location: Lisbon, NH, located off Central Street/Landaff Road

These ATV riding trails offer scenic views for more than 19 miles along the beautiful Ammonoosuc River, and include a variety of landscapes while passing through several small historic mill towns, plus over the 345-foot covered bridge in Bath, NH, which dates from 1832 and spans an adjacent waterfall in the river, and the Lisbon Depot. Between Littleton and Lisbon riding the former railbed of the Boston and Maine Railroad, you can traverse a variety of terrains including forest, wetlands, fields, and farmland. These 4-wheeler trails are part of the larger 83-mile Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail system between Woodsville, NH, and Bethel, Maine.

Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail in New Hampshire
Jericho Mountain State Park in New Hampshire

Jericho Mountain State Park
: 298 Jericho Lake Road, Berlin, NH

For some of the best ATV riding New Hampshire has to offer, check out this state park with its 85 miles of ATV trails and UTV trails that primarily form easy-riding loops. Expect well-maintained trails that are mostly hard pack with some loose dirt, a little sand, some rocky areas and a few mudding trails, highlighted by a few steep hills and berms. These NH OHV trails connect with the 1,000+mile Ride the Wilds NH trails (see below), plus this is where the Jericho ATV Festival takes place annually—when over 6,000 4-wheeler riders meet up to ride together, take part in Mud Pit races, and look at the latest and best ATVs on the market.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park
: 161 Lake Tarleton Road, Rt. 25C, Warren, NH

Here ATV riders and UTV riders will find 63 acres with 12 miles of trails with something to offer riders of all levels of experience, easy to extreme. Whether you prefer mud bogs, rock crawling or jumps, side hills, downhill steps and tight maneuvers requiring agility and speed, you’ll find it all here. A former quarry and one of the few privately owned ATV parks in New Hampshire, the area offers a diversity of terrains for 4-wheeler riding.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park New Hampshire
Pigsah State Park in New Hampshire

Pigsah State Park
: 520 Old Chesterfield Rd, Winchester, NH

The largest property in the state’s park system, this area provides some of the best off-roading in New Hampshire, including the popular Reservoir, Broad Brook, Old Chesterfield, and Jon Hill roads. The park spans over 13,300 acres of rough forested terrain, enveloping a watershed north of the Ashuelot River and protecting seven ponds, while offering more than 15 miles of ATV and UTV riding trails that include ridge climbs of varying difficulty and some rocky sections, but with mostly hard pack trails with some loose dirt, sand and mud.

Rockingham Recreational Trail
: Near Route 107 and 111A, Windham, NH

This is one of the most popular New Hampshire off-road trails, especially for families and novice and beginning riders. All riders will likely appreciate the flat and even trails over beautiful wet marshlands and a quiet forest trail system, through a couple of tunnels. The trail is mostly hard pack with occasional loose chunk rock, gravel and mud.  The Rockingham system includes two branches: the Fremont branch offers more than 18-miles of rail trail beginning at Depot Road in Windham, NH, and ending just before Route 125 in Epping, NH; and the Portsmouth branch which offers over 28 miles of trail running from Manchester, NH, to Newfields NH.

Photo of Rockingham Recreational Trail in New Hampshire
Photo of Sugar River Recreation Trail in New Hampshire

Sugar River Recreation Trail
: Newport to Claremont, NH, in Sullivan County  


Meandering along the Sugar River for 9 miles, this trail begins at the Newport Recreation Department on Belknap Ave in Newport, NH, and ends at Washington Street in Claremont, NH. It includes two historic covered bridge crossings and offers fairly flat, easy terrain throughout, along with some beautiful, dense forest scenery. Mostly hard pack trails with some mud when the weather cooperates. This trail also provides easy access to other NH ATV trails including Sullivan County, Bound Tree, Contoocock and Hopkinton Everett.

Ride the Wilds Trail System
: Coös County, NH, the most northern county in the state

Hands down some of the best ATV trail riding New Hampshire has to offer can be found as part of the more than 1,000 miles of interconnected ATV trails known as the Ride the Wilds trail system across Coos County, New Hampshire. It’s the largest ATV riding system in the northeast, and offers something for every level of rider, from gentle, meandering rides to rugged, adrenaline-spiking climbs. The trails weave through the vast wilderness of the North Country, passing the rugged landscape of the Great North Woods with its towering evergreens, through meadows, past crystal lakes and streams, and over tall mountains, all while providing ATV and UTV riding that is among the best in the nation. To accommodate riders, towns like Berlin, Gorham, Milan, Errol, Millsfield and Dixville within the Ride the Wilds trail system allow ATVs on town roads to access services like food, gas and lodging, or to connect with other sections of trail.

Photo of Ride the Wilds Trail System ATV Trail New Hampshire
photo of Warren ATV Trail in New Hampshire

Warren ATV Trail
: Route 25, Warren, NH

Possibly the only ATV and UTV trail riding that begins with an actual NASA Rocket…the 70-foot-high Redstone Missile which was delivered in 1971 to inspire local youth about the space program…this area offers you 4 miles of trail riding beginning in Warren, NH. It’s not the longest trail you’ve ever ridden, but it may very well be among the most scenic, crossing Black Brook, running alongside the road, passing Oliverian Pond, and then veering back into the forest. The terrain is mostly hard pack and gravel, though some segments are rocky, and you may encounter mud. The trail eventually connects to Mount Moosilauke ATV Club trails.

That’s Just a Few

For decades, outdoor trails have played an important role in the culture, and in the lifestyles of New Hampshire residents and guests.  We’ve only highlighted a few popular ATV trails in New Hampshire, but it won’t take you long to find many more.


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