Missouri ATV Guide

Missouri ATV Trail Guide

A rugged, gorgeous state, Missouri provides a wonderful variety of breathtaking mountain, forest, and even desert views while you’re enjoying the state’s ATV riding trails. Many of the best options for ATV trails Missouri has to offer are found in the state forests, but there are also several very well-run private ATV parks. We’ve only highlighted a very few popular off-road trails in Missouri, but you’re sure to be able to find others. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your exploits take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Cooper Creek ATV Area

Location: SE 41 Road, Deepwater, MO

Website: https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Harry-S-Truman-Lake/ATV-Dirt-Bike-Area/

This area covers approximately 400 acres overlooking the western shores of the Harry S. Truman Reservoir and offers ATV riding trails over rolling hills, through scattered mud bogs and across open riding areas. Riders can expect many loose dirt trails, a little hard pack, a little sand, some rocks, some berms, a few small and large jumps, and a ton of mud. Known for its scenic views, this area is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is the only area around Truman Lake where ATVs are allowed.

Finger Lakes State Park

Location: 1505 Peabody Rd, Columbia, MO

Website: https://mostateparks.com/park/finger-lakes-state-park

Covering about 3,000 acres of reclaimed coal strip mining land, this is one of two Missouri State Parks with 4-wheeler trails (St. Joe’s is the other). Here you’ll find 70 miles of ATV trails winding through woods, around lakes and over mounds created by the mining. Many trails run through rugged terrain that can challenge the skills of all levels of ATV riding expertise. Riders will also find mostly loose dirt trails, with some hard pack and rocks, steep hills and deep ravines, some large jumps and a ton of small jumps, plus mudding trails, and lots of them, at Mother Nature’s discretion.

Mark Twain National Forest (Chadwick, Sutton’s Bluff)

Location: 401 Fairgrounds Road, Rolla, MO

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/activity/mtnf/recreation/ohv

A wonderful place for ATV and UTV riding, this national forest offers over 125 miles of spectacular trails suited primarily for intermediate and advanced riders through a unique blending of eastern forest and western desert habitats that house a variety of wildlife including the bald eagle, the roadrunner, armadillos, wild turkey, white-tailed deer and black bears. The rocky trails snake across ridgelines and into deep, forested hollows. At the Sutton Bluff OHV Area, one of the two designated motorized trail systems within the forest, beginning and novice riders will find 25 miles of friendly ATV and UTV riding trails among the approximately 45 miles of trails. The other designated system is the Chadwick Motorcycle and ATV Trail System. It’s got nearly 80 miles of multi-use trails that weave in and out of deep, forested hollows and down long ridge tops, to provide you with the option of full loop riding with no backtracking. The Chadwick OHV Trail is a 16.3 mile lightly trafficked loop trail through a great forest setting, rated as difficult

Moonlight Racing Off-Road Park

Location: 21225 State Highway A, Sullivan, MO

Here you’ll find a lightly trafficked loop with over 12 miles of 4-wheeler riding trails traversing 585 acres of Missouri wilderness. The area is suitable primarily for ATV riders and UTV riders with moderate riding skills, though some of the rock-crawling is challenging. You’ll enjoy a variety of terrain, including a creek and waterfalls.

Rush Springs Ranch

Location: 80 Rush Springs Lane, Pineville, MO

Website: https://www.rushspringsranch.com/

With over 75 miles of trails, including a six-mile, lightly trafficked loop trail, this is a popular area for ATV and UTV riders in Missouri. You will find a variety of terrain with some hard pack and loose dirt, some rugged and rocky, and some sand, plus if you like to get dirty, you’ll find mud, and plenty of it. 4-wheeler riders of all skill levels will get the challenge levels they’re looking for here, ranging from fast, flat, more open spaces for speed, vertical challenges with some serious rock-crawling, a few steep hills, a few water crossings, a few large and small jumps, some berms, plus  a gravel area for beginners or to get some practice riding.

St. Joe State Park

Location: 2800 Pimville Road, Park Hills, MO     

Website: https://mostateparks.com/park/st-joe-state-park

This 2,000-acre park has a well-earned reputation for providing some of the best ATV riding in Missouri with its 54 miles of ATV trails that include some well-known trails like Hickory Ridge Trail, Lakeview Trail, Monsanto Lake Water Trail, Pine Ridge Trail and a 12.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail on the perimeter of the park. St. Joe State Park has mostly novice-friendly and intermediate trails weaving through sand flats, hills and lush wooded areas, all located in a former lead mining area. Those ATV riders seeking a bigger challenge can find what they want too. You’ll find a wide variety of terrain, including dirt, gravel and lots of mud bogs for when you feel like getting dirty. Well-maintained trails, with plenty of signage, offer lots of spectacular scenic views.

Smurfwood Trails

Location: 28036 215th Street, Canton, MO

Website: https://www.smurfwoodtrails.com/

Here you’ll find over 680 acres of the unique scenery northeast Missouri is known for while you’re riding the more than 20 miles of trails weaving through timber, fields and mud bogs too, for those who believe that to ride ATV is to get dirty. One of the top ATV parks in Missouri, this area provides well-maintained trails with 32 purpose-built bridges, and includes something for all ATV riding expertise levels, including plenty of trails for beginners and those who just want to take it easy and enjoy the wilderness landscapes.

Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

Location: 5722 State Highway K, Seymour, MO

Website: https://www.smorr.net/

The Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch is a private area offering 940 acres of prime off-roading in Missouri, with well-marked trails through wooded terrain, over mostly hard pack and rocky trails, with many steep hills and plenty of mud. The stunning vistas offer a glimpse into the once wild frontier of the Missouri Ozarks, in the Salem Highlands located in the middle of the U.S. Trails are ranked from level 1 to level 6 hardcore for difficulty to accommodate all skill levels of ATV trail riding. New trails are being cut and added frequently. Keep an eye out for wild turkeys, white-tailed deer black bear and even the occasional armadillo.


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