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Massachusetts ATV Trail Guide

The Best ATV Trails in Massachusetts

When it comes to ATV riding in Massachusetts, the news for 4-wheeler riders is better than you might think considering it’s the seventh smallest state in the nation. It’s known for its stunning landscapes and variety of terrain that lead you from sandy beaches to rocky shorelines to ice glaciers, and from laid-back cruising to slogging through muddy terrain to rock-crawling steep hills in a test to your skills. Despite the wonderful Massachusetts ATV trails, it’s helpful to know that the state is famous for having the strictest ATV and UTV laws in the United States. Wondering where you can go ATV and UTV trail riding in Massachusetts? Looking for ATV trails near me when you’re in the “Bay State”? Want to find all the best ATV trails in MA? Here you go. Below is a list of just a few of the most popular off-road trails in Massachusetts, compiled by the experts at Treadworld, with location information and websites where available.

Beartown State Forest

Location: 69 Blue Hill Road, Monterey, MA


Many say the best Massachusetts off-roading can be found in Beartown. Extending over 12,000 acres, this state forest includes nearly 17 miles of ATV and UTV riding trails marked by mud bogs, chunk rock, tree roots, and technical obstacles, as well as steep hilly sections, and loose terrain. A 7.5-mile stretch of the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail (that stretches from Georgia to Maine) passes near Benedict Pond and offers spectacular wooded views. Keep an eye open for the abundant wildlife, including the namesake black bears,  bobcats and deer.

Photos of Beartown State Forest trail Massachusetts
Photo of Bonny Rigg Campground New-Hampshire

Bonny Rigg Campground

Location: 59 Main St, Becket, MA


A four-season, privately-owned campground located in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts, this area is known for its ATV trail riding including a few miles of rough terrain inside the campground that forms a short loop through a mixed hardwood forest. It’s also centrally located for easy travel to nearby trail-packed state forests including Beartown, Pittsfield, and October Mountain.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Location: 99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet, MA


Here ATV riders and UTV riders have the opportunity to explore sand dunes with outstanding views of the water on 40 miles of unspoiled beaches, as well as salt marshes and seashore uplands. Watch out for “sugar sand,” ultrafine mineral sand with a significant percentage of organic granules, that reminds of powdered sugar. During some months, there can be restrictions and closures due to the nesting of the piper plover, a small sand-colored, sparrow-sized shorebird.

Photo of Cape Cod National Seashore trail in Massachusetts
Photo of 508 International trail in Massachusetts

508 International

Location: 219 Brookfield Road, Charlton, MA


Home to some of the most popular MA ATV trails, this is an action sports adventure park that calls itself “New England’s playground.” Relatively small at 22 acres, the park maximizes its space with open tree-lined trails, open riding areas and a rock crawl. Expect mostly hard pack trail with a little loose dirt and sand, some mudding trails, a ton of small jumps and a few large jumps. Check the website for events and further information.

Pittsfield State Forest

Location: 1041 Cascade St., Pittsfield, MA


When you’re looking for trail riding in Massachusetts, you’ll want to consider this sprawling, 11,000-acre forest with its 30 miles of 4-wheeler trails that enable visitors to escape into the solitude of pinewood forest, following the crest of the Taconic Mountain Range (which separates Massachusetts and New York). Most of the fast and smooth trails are well-marked, which is a good thing because the opportunity to get lost in the woodlands is great. Both ATV riding and UTV riding are permitted here on trails leading you past beautiful streams, cascading waterfalls, and 65 acres of wild azalea fields that offer an explosion of “must be seen to be believed” pink blossoms mid-year.

photo of Pittsfield State Forest trail in Massachusetts
Photo of October Mountain State Forest In Massachusetts

October Mountain State Forest

Location: 317 Woodland Road, Lee, MA


The largest state forest and home to some of the best ATV trails in Massachusetts, this area offers 27 miles of ATV riding trails spanning the forest’s 16,500 acres. The trails form several long loops, and while all experience levels will find riding accommodations here, those looking for bigger 4-wheeler riding challenges may well begin to understand why this area has gained the nickname “Rocktober.” You can expect some hard pack, a little loose dirt and some mud, along with a few steep hills and water crossings.

The Wick 338

Location: I46 Powder Mill Road, Southwick, MA, Hampden County in the south-central part of the state


The Wick is a racetrack for motocross bikes, but is open for ATVs (but not UTVs) on certain days. The track is impressive, and is great for testing your off-roading abilities, especially the deep and challenging sand, and the many small and large jumps. This is one of the tracks on the AMA Nationals MX circuit, and a note on the mxsports website says, “The Wick is being returned to its original direction and some of the iconic jumps and turns are being rebuilt to recreate the layout that thousands of racers have loved over the last 42 years.”

photo of The Wick 338 trail in Massachusetts

That’s Just a Few

When it comes to where to ride ATVs in Massachusetts, you have some good options. And despite the relatively severe riding restrictions in the state, it offers a lovely area, with a lot of variety, for you to explore. We’ve only highlighted a few of the many Massachusetts ATV trails and UTV trails, but you’ll likely be able to find more with a little digging.


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