Maryland ATV Trail Guide

Maryland ATV Trail Guide

A beautiful state, Maryland offers breathtaking mountain, forest, river and ocean views while you’re enjoying the state’s ATV riding trails. Many of the best options for ATV trails Maryland has to offer are found in the state forests. We’ve only highlighted a very few popular off-road trails in Maryland, but you’re sure to be able to find others. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your exploits take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Potomac-Garrett State Forest

Location: 1431 Potomac Camp Road, Oakland, MD


Here you have two forests combined into one that is predominantly a hardwood forest dominated by mixed oaks, sugar and red maples, black cherry, basswood, ash and birch. You’ll find a number of Maryland ORV trails here including an old logging road that provides around three miles of mostly hard pack 4-wheeler riding that is open to ATV riding and UTV riding from March until December; the Burkholder Road ORV Trails, aka the Backbone Mountain Trail, offers 2.7 miles of wilderness terrain that are available for off-road vehicles April through December, and open to snowmobiles the rest of the time; Piney Mountain ORV Trail has 1.7 miles is primarily gravel through forest; Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail provides 3.2 miles of woods riding and is known for providing excellent viewing of wild turkey, black bears and whitetail deer; Laurel Run ORV Trail runs for 2.4 miles beginning at the western boundary of the forest and heading toward the Potomac River and offer great views of dense mountain laurel; and Wallman Road ORV Trail offers 3.9 miles of ATV trail riding. Riding experience levels for all these trails are generally good for both beginners and those with moderate riding skills.

Savage River State Forest

Location: 127 Headquarters Lane, Grantsville, MD


Here the largest park in Maryland offers approximately 55,185 acres of rugged terrain and mixed hardwood forest dominated by oak species, sugar and red maple, black cherry, hickory and ash challenges 4-wheeler riders, hikers, hunters, fishermen and more. There are three main ATV and UTV riding trails. St. John’s Rock Off-Road Vehicle Trail features around 13 miles of varying woodland ATV trails for all skill levels which includes technical trail spur loops and a 200 foot rock crawl which requires a daily fee and reservation. The Meadow Mountain Trail spans 14 miles of forest and gravel trails, though parts of it are set aside for snowmobile only use. The Margraff Plantation Trail is very well maintained, to the point of having painted marks to help with navigating.

Wolf Den Run

Location: 890 N Hill Rd, Kitzmiller, MD


This is reportedly the only park for ATV trails in MD. It’s a 2,039-acre multi-use park with an expanding network of trails. Formerly privately owned coal-mining territory, the state purchased the area in 2017 during part of a reforestation effort and motorized it. The existing trails are being improved when possible and new trails are being developed in an area characterized by mixed forest and rocky bluffs. The first section to open, Huckleberry Rocks, offers 12.5 miles of trails. Overall, the park has around 40 miles of trails and lots of mudding trails, with mostly loose dirt tracks with some sand, some rocks, a few steep hills and water crossings, plus a few small and large jumps and a few berms. Evidence of the former mining activity is evident in some of the bench-cut terrain, providing a variety of challenging 4-wheeler trails.


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