Indiana ATV Guide

Indiana ATV Trail Guide

Deciding which ATV and UTV trails in Indiana to adventure into is made easier by the relatively low number of options. But the quality of the riding areas is high, with a diversity of terrain, beautiful scenery and many ATV riding challenges. Whether you choose an ATV tour or strike off on your own, you can count on a great outdoor experience. We’ve only highlighted a very few popular Indiana ATV trails, but there are many other great areas throughout the state where ATV and UTV trail riding can be found. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your adventures take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Badlands Off-Road Park

Location: 21208 Laurel Road • Laurel, IN 


With sand dunes, wooded trails, pea gravel hills, streams, mud bogs, dunes and rocks among its 1,400 acres of wilderness, this privately-owned ATV park is a dream for ATV riders and UTV riders. 4-wheeler riders will find ATV trails and terrain that will challenge all skill levels ,from casual drivers to the most experienced drivers, plus there are specific areas dedicated to helping beginners practice and get comfortable. Off camber wooded trails where the outside else of the trail is lower than the inside can be tricky, as can several extreme rock-crawling areas.

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat

Location: 2620 Valley Branch Rd, Nashville, IN


With 30 miles of ATV and four-wheel trails, this is one of the most popular off-road parks in Indiana weaving through 1,000 acres of wilderness park that also offers a wealth of other outdoor activities. It’s not a place to get your “explore the outdoors” on because it’s not open to the public for riding – but it is a place to go on guided ATV tours and you can bring your own ATV. Expect breathtaking scenery as you ride over rugged hills and terrains and through hardwood forests, with some mud and some rocks.

Haspin Acres Off-Road & Motocross Park

Location: 3968 N. Xavier Rd, Attica, IN


Extending over 750 acres, this privately-owned area offers ATV trail riding adventures over hundreds of miles of trails winding through trees and up and down hills including deep mud bogs, sand dunes, gravel, and rocks. Riders of all skill levels will find the level of challenge they want. Open every day for off-roading from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Interlake State Recreation Area

Location: 200 E. State Road 68, Lynnville, IN


You’ll find over 1000 miles of ATV riding trails for all skill levels weaving throughout the 3,550 acres of wilderness that make up this recreation area. A former coal mine, this is the largest property for off-roading in Indiana. The three mining reclamation areas provide a variety of trail experiences for 4-wheeler riding, including steep banks, rolling grasslands, man-made lakes, loose dirt, some rocks, some water crossings, and many scenic views among the wooded terrain. Expect more wide open riding toward the middle of the area, especially good for beginning riders.

Lawrence County Recreational Park

Location: 99 Moore Lane, Springville, IN


This park, known locally as LCRP, features 400 acres of trails, rolling hills, and sloping meadows and thick forests, with over 60 miles of trails designed for different skill levels from beginner to expert. Riders will find novice routes here, challenging enough but not too intimidating, along with ATV riding trails to test the abilities of even long-time ATV riders. Expect some loose dirt ATV trails, some mudding trails, rocks, a few steep hills, and a few water crossings.

Redbird State Riding Area

Location: 15298 W County Road 350 North, Linton, IN


This ATV riding area got its name from the abandoned Redbird Coal Mine and has been dedicated to off-roading since 2003. The property stretches across 1,400 acres of former surface and underground coal mine land which translates into professionally maintained and managed trails that provide rich and diverse ATV and UTV trail riding experiences. Something for every skill level, ranging from gentle slopes, hard pack and some sand, to steep hills, rocky sections, deep ruts and some impressive mud bogs. Land reclamation efforts continue.

Wildcat Creek MX

Location: 6390 S. Wildwood RD. Rossville IN


What started as a backyard practice track has grown into a 100-acre riding park bordered by a scenic creek and hardwood forest that welcomes ATVs and has a large, grassy, and inviting spectator area. It’s mostly flat farm land wooded acreage, with man-made jumps and long straits, but also with some varied terrain. Challenge yourself with plenty of obstacles as well as a series of big jumps, small jumps, down ill jumps, and uphill jumps.

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