North Dakota ATV Guide

North Dakota ATV Trail Guide

We’ve only highlighted a few of the wonderful North Dakota ATV trails but there are many other great areas for ATV and UTV riding located all across the state.

Kimball Bottoms OHV Area

Location: Burleigh County, 8 miles south of Bismarck, ND

Also known as “The Desert”, the Kimball Bottoms area encompasses 400 acres filled with ATV trails, and even includes two islands that are accessible when water levels are low. Managed by the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers, this area is located right along the Missouri River and is a popular area for ATV riders and UTV riders in both dry or wet conditions, and is known to provide a “mudding” good adventure when it’s wet.

Little Missouri

Location: McKenzie, Billings, Slope, and Golden Valley counties in western North Dakota

At 1,033,271 acres, this is the largest grassland in the country, and it includes some incredible OHV trails. A predominant feature of the grassland is colorful and beautiful badlands, and the Theodore Roosevelt State Park. All Forest Service roads wide enough are open to ATV riding as you’ll trail through rugged terrain extensively eroded by wind and water, mixed with grass prairie. into painted canyons.

Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Trailhead

Location: Cavalier County, six miles west of Walhalla, ND

Pembina offers 4-wheeler riders some of the best ATV trails North Dakota has to offer with over 30 miles of both hardpacked and smooth trails for off-roading, strewn through 2,800 acres of recreation area in the Pembina River Gorge. The area is stunningly beautiful with steep valley cliffs towering over small, isolated prairies and pocketed wetlands, surrounded by continuous, undisturbed North Dakota forest. Scenic ATV riding trails wind through the forest while also providing panoramic views of Three Sister Hills, valleys, and rivers.

Roughrider OHV Trail

Location: Morton County, 30 miles south of Mandan, ND on highway 1806

Great for beginners and ATV riders with intermediate experience, Roughrider is one of North Dakota’s most popular trails in no small part because its OHV trails follow an old railroad corridor using repurposed railroad tracks through buttes and unique landscapes with a multitude of scenic views. The 16.5-mile ATV trail consists mainly of gravel and dirt with a few water crossings and slopes. The area begins at the Fort Rice Campground and ends at Little Heart Bottoms.

Sheyenne National Grassland

Location: Ransom and Richland counties, 12 miles east of Lisbon, ND

Known for its vast grasslands, in fact, it stretches over 70,000 acres of public land, this area provides outstanding 4-wheeler riding for all skill levels with its miles of trails marked by sandy trails and sand dunes. The unspoiled beauty of the area offers spectacular viewing from the ATV and UTV trails, along with the opportunity to see tons of wildlife in its native environments including elk, antelope, whitetail and mule deer, bighorn sheep , coyote, sharp-tail grouse, greater prairie chicken, pheasant, wild turkey, eagles, falcons, and prairie dogs.

Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area

Location: Bottineau county, six miles northwest of Bottineau, ND

Consisting of 7,500 acres of deep, pristine forests, wetlands, hilly terrain, and open grasslands, Turtle Mountain Recreation Area offers 12 miles of ATV and UTV riding trails ideal for beginning and intermediate riders, but can also provide challenges with a wide variety of geography. Many look forward to the 10-mile stretch through the Turtle Mountain State Forest.

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