Alabama ATV Guide

Alabama ATV Trail Guide

We’ve only highlighted a very few popular off-road trails in Alabama, but there are many other wonderful ATV parks and areas throughout the state for all your ATV and UTV trail riding adventures. When it comes to ATV trail riding, Alabama’s geography and diverse variety of landscapes makes it a paradise for ATV riders. Here at Treadworld, we have the ATV tires you need for wherever your exploits take you. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal Master ATV and UTV Tires for you.

Bama Slam

Location: 567 Co Rd 156, New Brockton, AL

The 1,600 acres here include 40 miles of top ATV and UTV riding trails and mud. Lots of it. In fact, this ATV park is home to the largest mud racetrack in the U.S., which carries the nickname the “Mud Coliseum,” itself sitting on 11 acres of Alabama red clay mud. Word on the street is that plans are in place to more than double the trail options in the near future.

Boggs and Boulders

Location: 20133 Brooklyn Rd, Andalusia, AL

One of the most popular off-road parks in Alabama, Boggs and Boulders offers 1,000 acres of diverse wilderness fun for 4-wheeler riders, with 160 miles of trails that includes an assortment of slick red dirt, sandy and rocky hills, along with many steep rocky bluffs. The main trail is a ride dirt road ideal for beginning and casual ATV riders, while multiple side trails offer twists, turns and hill climbs, along with trails for more technical riders dotted by black mud bogs, some shallow and some deep.

Choccolocco Mountain

Location: 1312 Louise Dr. SE, Jacksonville, AL

This is one of the top destinations for ATV riders looking for the best Alabama OHV trails thanks to its extensive system of over 200 trails weaving through 450 acres of steep, rocky, mountainous terrain. Located along Choccolocco Mountain, the park offers ATV and UTV trails that cater to all levels of experience, ranging from moderate to extreme. All trails are marked and rated, with 100 trails ideal for easy day riding, 3 trails that may require modification of your machine such as larger tires or traction modification, and several extremely difficult trails that should only be attempted by those with extensive 4-wheeler riding experience.

Hawk Pride Mountain Off-Road

Location: 3834 Hawk Pride Mountain Rd, Tuscumbia, AL

From rock crawling to mud riding to tricky trails, ATV and UTV riders can find some of the most diverse ATV riding in the state here. With over 120 trails traversing more than 1000 acres, this park can accommodate any type of machine, from sophisticated rock buggies to stripped-down 4x4s. Like many of the OHV parks in Alabama, Hawk Pride offers a wide variety of trail types to satisfy riders of all skill levels, and if you like mud, you’ll find it here.

Hollytree Off-Road Park

Location: 621 County Road 604, Hollytree, AL

Hollytree provides ATV riding and UTV riding thrills for primarily more experienced ATV riders on its 800 acres located in the Paint Rock Valley Area of North Alabama. While all experience levels can be accommodated here, beginner trails are few and far between, with rock crawling and climbing, and mud pits, being specialties of the park. Expect a variety of terrain including many dense, but beautiful wooded areas.

Southern Ridge ATV Park

Location: 1672 Leon Tower Rd, Brantley, AL

Here you’ll find 1000 acres of well-maintained Alabama OHV trails featuring roads and swamps, hills and mud bogs, family-friendly and suitable for all ATV riding experience levels. The area offers also offers creek crossings and you can splash through several ponds along the 30 miles of trails over hills and through the forest. It’s exclusively for ATVs because of the often extreme, swampy MUD. Plan to get dirty

Stoney Lonesome OHV Park

Location: 10075 AL-69, Bremen, AL

The first public OHV park in Alabama, this area offers more than 150 miles of ATV riding trails on 1,456 acres of wilderness that includes rolling hills, steep inclines, wetlands, flowing streams, deep mud, and rock. Suitable for riding experience from easy to expert, color-coded trails range from narrow for ATV only, to rugged and steep 4×4 roads with rocky ledges and staircase climbs, to wider trails for beginners. Part of Collman County Parks and Recreation, this ATV park also has a short course wide enough for serious UTV racing.

Talladega National Forest

Location: 9901 AL-5, Brent, AL

The Talladega National Forest has multiple ATV and UTV-friendly roads (too many to list here) appealing to both newbies and experienced riders. Road 617, for example, is a shorter, 3.5-mile, mostly straight trail, part gravel, and part dirt, that passes through several types of forest including pine and hardwoods. Road 500 is a well-maintained gravel trail that runs a straight course for 24 miles with some excellent scenery and wildlife, along with many lakes, creeks, and beautiful hardwood forests, with a variety of side trails that can lead to more challenging pathways.

Talladega: Kentuck Off-Road Vehicle

Location: Munford, AL

The Kentuck trail system in the mountains of Alabama’s Talladega National Forest is a great place for riding your ATV, with approximately 25 miles of trails made up mostly of several loops with gentle inclines, wide turns, and few obstacles ideal for beginners, but also good for more experienced riders aching for some speed. Other, more difficult, 4-wheeler trails with steeper grades, tight turns, and some rough terrain with rocks and log obstacles can also be found. 

Top Trails OHV Park

Location: 1247 Horne Dr, Talladega, AL

When you’re looking for ATV trails in Alabama, Top Trails is a likely choice thanks to its 2,800 acres with 100+ miles of trails that range from suitable for youngsters to challenging even for more experienced riders. It’s located on the edge of Talladega National Forest and within spitting distance of Talladega Super Speedway. The trails include mud bogs, super steep climbs up mountains, scenic viewpoints, and one area, especially for the kids. In the flatlands areas, riders will find ways to test their mettle with seemingly endless mud bogs.


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