Wolf Den Run

This is reportedly the only park for ATV trails in MD. It’s a 2,039-acre multi-use park with an expanding network of trails.

Formerly privately owned coal-mining territory, the state purchased the area in 2017 during part of a reforestation effort and motorized it. The existing trails are being improved when possible and new trails are being developed in an area characterized by mixed forest and rocky bluffs. The first section to open, Huckleberry Rocks, offers 12.5 miles of trails. Overall, the park has around 40 miles of trails and lots of mudding trails, with mostly loose dirt tracks with some sand, some rocks, a few steep hills and water crossings, plus a few small and large jumps and a few berms. Evidence of the former mining activity is evident in some of the bench-cut terrain, providing a variety of challenging 4-wheeler trails.

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