Continuing north, you’ll come to the Waterbury/Montpelier area located in the middle of the state. In this region you’ll encounter some of the biggest mountains in New England region, for some unforgettable snowmobile adventures.

In Barre, you’ll find the Town Forest area, comprised of  5 forested properties totaling 355 acres made possible through the Federal Forest Program, combined with 25.7 acres already owned by the town. Located in central Vermont, this area serves as a hub for trails that go east, west, north and south, which makes it a perfect starting point for those interested in longer rides, traversing snowmobile trails of 100 miles or more. The Sno-Bees Snowmobile Club of Barre has been around since 1967 and is responsible for grooming 52 miles of trails in the immediate Barre area.

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