Steamboat Springs and Rabbit Ears Pass

Snowmobiling around Steamboat Springs is characterized by extensive, wide-ranging terrain that provides ideal conditions to ride snowmobile.

Rabbit Ears Pass, boasting a summit of 9,246 ft. in the Rocky Mountains of northern CO, is just east of town and encompasses the Continental Divide, and just to the southwest, the Flattops Wilderness Area offers diverse and challenging terrain variety. All of these areas feature heavy average snowfall, so snowmobilers can open it up and get the kinks out. Rabbit Ears Pass, nicknamed by early trappers in the area because it reminded them of a rabbit lying in the grass, is different than many mountain passes because, Instead of climbing to a high point and quickly descending, it climbs to around 10,000 feet and stays there for several miles, providing one of the snowiest roads in the state for 250 miles of snowmobile trails. Many follow Rabbit Ears trail to nearby Buffalo Pass, nestled in the Park Range of the Rocky Mountains, with its 55-mile network of groomed snow trails on public land.

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