St. Mary’s Glacier

Ever dreamed about following your sense of ATV trail riding adventure to a glacier?

Mary’s Glacier trails circle around the unique St. Mary’s Glacier, which is technically a large, perennial snowfield. These trails start off on a wide, rocky forest road, before heading through dense willows. Overall, trails vary from friendly smooth tundra that will keep novices at ease, to occasionally steep and rocky, with churned rock and soil that won’t disappoint ATV riders with more experience. All skillsets will appreciate the stunning, picturesque views. It’s a 2.4-mile trail. About a half mile in, riders will arrive at St. Mary’s Lake, located just below the glacier, and ringed by bristlecone pine, thick willow and plentiful wildflowers. This is part of a trail system offering 47 miles of trails, that includes the historic gambling town of Central City to Yankee Hill trail. You can go straight to Central City from Yankee Hill, or get your exploration on with 16 different intersecting ATV trails.

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