South Cascades Region

If you have the time, you’ll find 3,753 named mountains in the Cascade Range, which extends for over 700 miles from British Columbia to California.

From one vantage point, you can see Mt. Rainier (14,411), Mt. Adams (12,276), Mt. St. Helens (8,366) and Old Snowy Mtn. (7,930 feet) and even Oregon’s Mt. Hood (11,239). This is the most heavily trafficked snowmobile area due to its proximity to the state’s largest population base, with fairly accessible riding spots. In the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, you’ll find Marble Mountain, a trail system that includes 25 miles of snowmobiling adventures. At the base of Mt. St. Helens, you’ll find another 25-mile trail system. From November to May, adventurous riders can work their way to the crater rim of this active volcano…though you’ll have to hike the last 100 yards to the top. Near Marble Mountain, Wakepish provides 17 miles of groomed trails and another 60 miles of ungroomed routes for those that prefer more rugged snowmobiling. Near Packwood, Skate Creek has 53 miles of trails and Johnson Creek and Orr Creek provide more than 148 miles to ride.

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