Siuslaw National Forest

Thanks to a variety of ecosystems that includes lush forests covering coastal mountains, to Pacific Ocean beaches, through the unique Oregon sand dunes, ATV paradise awaits at the Siuslaw National Forest with its 630,000 acres.

The two main popular ATV trail riding areas here are the Oregon Dunes and the Sand Lake Recreation Area. With wind-sculpted sand dunes towering up to 500 feet above sea level, the 31,500-acre Oregon Dunes is packed with more than 40 miles of 4-wheeler trails. Here you can ride through vast open dunes, cruise through tree islands and plains, ride steep hills or meander through designated sand routes surrounded by beautiful plant life, including shore pine, wax myrtle, huckleberry, and salal. This is one of the largest expanses of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world. At the Sand Lake Recreation Area, the entirety of the 1,076 acres is open to OHV riders, through miles of forests and open sand dunes, offering inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean. Family-friendly, this is a great area for novice ATV riders to get some experience. With the areas proximity to the ocean, summers tend to be cooler and winters tend to be moderate.

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