Potomac-Garrett State Forest

Here you have two forests combined into one that is predominantly a hardwood forest dominated by mixed oaks, sugar and red maples, black cherry, basswood, ash and birch.

You’ll find a number of Maryland ORV trails here including an old logging road that provides around three miles of mostly hard pack 4-wheeler riding that is open to ATV riding and UTV riding from March until December; the Burkholder Road ORV Trails, aka the Backbone Mountain Trail, offers 2.7 miles of wilderness terrain that are available for off-road vehicles April through December, and open to snowmobiles the rest of the time; Piney Mountain ORV Trail has 1.7 miles is primarily gravel through forest; Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail provides 3.2 miles of woods riding and is known for providing excellent viewing of wild turkey, black bears and whitetail deer; Laurel Run ORV Trail runs for 2.4 miles beginning at the western boundary of the forest and heading toward the Potomac River and offer great views of dense mountain laurel; and Wallman Road ORV Trail offers 3.9 miles of ATV trail riding. Riding experience levels for all these trails are generally good for both beginners and those with moderate riding skills.

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