Nebraska National Forest

Encompassing over 140,000 acres, the Nebraska National Forest offers 4-wheeler riders 300 miles of roads and a diverse landscape including forests and grasslands.

here are two distinct areas of the Nebraska National Forest. One section is situated in the northwest panhandle south and west of Chadron, and includes approximately 80 miles of trails in the 140,000 acres that make up the Pine Ridge Ranger District. The other is located near Halsey in central Nebraska, covers more than 90,000 acres, and is the largest hand-planted forest in the world. Both are home to some of the best ATV trails Nebraska has to offer.

The Bessey OHV Trail, winding through forests and across grasslands, is one of the few motorized ATV trail riding areas in Nebraska open to the public. Over 36 miles of trails are sandy and contain a mixture of straightaways and tight curves. The trail system includes two open areas, the Hill Climb and the Dismal. Other trails in the Nebraska National Forest to consider riding include Dismal River Trail, Power Line Trail, Poison Ivy Trail, Fence Line Trail and Scott Tower.

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