Monadnock Region

Located in southwestern New Hampshire, south of the White Mountains. One of the best ways to snowmobile New Hampshire is by heading to this region where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of snow-capped mountains while riding through forests and passing around scenic ponds and lakes.

Among the 96 miles of trails in the region is the 42-mile Cheshire Rail Trail running from Winchester, MA, north to Keene, MA, known for some tricky turns and sudden steep inclines. It’s one of the two longest recreational rail trails in the state. Additionally, the Monadnock Rail Trail runs seven miles beginning at the Massachusetts border and heading north to downtown Peterborough, MA.

Other regions in New Hampshire that are suitable for your snowmobiling adventures are the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region, the Merrimack Valley Region and the Seacoast Region. Other than the Cheshire and Monadnock Rail Trails mentioned above, some of the best snowmobile trails in the state can be found among New Hampshire’s 13 Recreational Rail Trails.

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