Kennebec River Trails

Considered by many to be among the best snowmobile trails in the eastern U.S., the Kennebec River Trail itself is only 8 to 15 miles long, but offers fabulous views of Maine wilderness, fir, spruce and balsam forests, mountains and streams and waterfalls.

Many of Maine’s ITS trails spider through the area offering some unforgettable, and much longer, rides. For example, the historic Benedict Arnold to Quebec trail on the Kennebec River takes you through vast, spectacular mountain areas, then past Austin Stream Falls or over Bald Mountain Trail, depending on which way to go when to get to the “T.”

This area will also give you access to The Forks, at the junction of the Dead River and the Kennebec River, Maine’s central hub for superb snowmobile riding. This hub provides you with southern access to Solon, Bingham (including Maine’s largest wind farm, Bingham Wind Farm) and points south; northern  and eastern access to Jackman, Moosehead Lake, Big Moose Mountain (with its 37 miles of well-groomed trails and over 100 inches of snowfall each year) and Greenville; and western access to and Eustis and Rangeley Lakes. You can follow the Dead River to the Grand Falls Run which is off the beaten path and always proves to be unbelievably photogenic. And just outside of Greenville, you may want to veer off to see the B-52 Crash Site, a popular area where in 1963, a turbulent crosswind ripped off the tail of a USAF Boeing B-52C Stratofortress sending it plunging into Elephant Mountain.

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