Kelly Flats

Of all the challenging OHV trails Colorado has to offer, this 14.13-mile ATV trail is considered one of the roughest and most rugged, though for many, the sweeping, breathtaking views make it worth the effort

The drive to the trailhead through the Poudre Canyon is stunning and inspiring. The first obstacle is a gatekeeper, and if you find it daunting, there’s still time to turn back, and you likely should. Not far ahead lies the massive incline of Heart Attack Hill, steep and rocky with some areas of solid rock. Heart Attack Hill has a bypass, known as Aneurysm Hill which, though easier, isn’t necessarily a bargain. Kelly Flats can be unnerving, especially for beginning and novice ATV and UTV riders, and the optional obstacles can be difficult and challenging for experienced riders as well, and may require modified rigs with proper ground clearance. When Mother Nature comes to call and it’s wet, all bets are off.

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