Johnson’s Hill OHV Area

Overlooking the town of Bosque and the Rio Grande Valley, this 6,000-acre area (which is also known as Gordy’s Hill) provides riders with some seriously outstanding scenic views.

The New Mexico ATV trails here offer a grand variety of ATV and UTV riding trails suitable for the gamut of experience levels, with deep canyons, high sandstone and limestone bluffs, terraces and steep slopes, along with sandy washes and dry, barren desert. The area is divided by the Quebradas Back Country Byway from east to west, unpaved county road traversing about 24 miles of rugged, colorful landscapes east of Socorro, NM. The name Quebradas is Spanish for “breaks”, and refers to the numerous arroyos, ravines and cliffs that the trail covers as it takes you through badlands areas, narrow box canyons and beautiful almost-vertical multi-colored, water-sculpted limestone, sandstone and granite cliffs.

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