ITS (Interconnected Snowmobile Trails) System

Just under 30% of all the snowmobile trails in Maine – around 4,000 miles – are part of a network of trails that known as ITS, Maine’s Interconnected Trail System.

This system is provided to snowmobilers through the joint effort of the Maine Snowmobile Association and the Snowmobile Division of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Department of Conservation, under the direction of the Maine Snowmobile Association Trails Committee. Clubs, chambers of commerce, municipalities and businesses have all combined to provide thousands of volunteer hours along with their own funds and trail grooming equipment to supplement funds provided to the trail system through snowmobile registration fees and some gas tax revenue. Trails are named with numbers, like ITS 86 and ITS 88.

The system runs from west border to east border in the lower half of the state, and is located more from the center to the eastern border in the upper half of the state. There are many places to get on the ITS trails and you can find a map and listing of ITS trails and ITS connector trails here. Trails are numbered and signed just like a major roadway, and interconnect with another 11,000 miles of Maine snowmobile trails at various points. All in all, the ITS system alone makes Maine a state worth visiting when you’re looking for snowmobiling adventures.

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