Imperial Sand Dunes

This is where to ride ATVs when you want to challenge the largest mass of sand dunes in the state— extending for more than 40 miles, averaging 5 miles wide, with dunes often reaching 300 feet high.

Known to locals as Glamis, the area offers several popular dunes or hills that run north to south including: Competition Hill, a small dune that was extremely popular back in the day, when folks would race to the top, drink a cold one, then race back down; Gecko Road, running north/south along the west side of the dunes and lined with camping spots; Wash Road, running north/south along the east side of the dunes, also lined with camping spots in a series of washes; and Oldsmobile Hill, a big dune located in the dead center between Wash Road and Gecko Road that is a huge gathering spot, known to host as many as 30,000 people at specific moments. The area is open all year round, but you may want to time your visit to fall/winter/early spring to temper the 110-degree heat.

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