Idaho Centennial Trail

The granddaddy of Idaho OHV trails, the Idaho Centennial Trail offers over 1,300 miles of 4-wheeler riding through some of the most scenic portions of the state’s wild country, including desert canyonlands, wet mountain forests, mountains, streams and rivers.

This trail was born in the minds of Roger Williams and Syd Tate in the early 1980s when the two decided the world would be a better place if there existed a trail connecting the northern and southern borders of Idaho. They completed a challenging three-month-long, thirteen-hundred mile journey over the entire length of the state and the official trail route came into being just in time to be designated as the official state trail during Idaho’s Centennial year in 1990. Those who cover the entire trail will pass through 11 national forests and will cross three historic trails including the Oregon, Lewis and Clark and Nez Perce Trails.

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