Grant County Sand Dunes

Grant County Washington is known for three areas offering ATV trails and UTV trails on sand dunes inspired by Mother Nature.

Those three are: the Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park, Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes and Beverly Dunes, all among the most popular riding areas in the state, and located in the same general geographic area. Grant County Park is four miles outside Moses Lake, and offers exciting sand dune riding, or you can enjoy the nearby mud flats, an additional 3,000 acres of mud, sand and trails. Expect some small jumps and a few large jumps suitable for all experience levels. But don’t expect any shade. Or bathrooms. There’s another 3,000 acres with ATV and UTV riding trails on soft sand and over rolling hills in the Moses Lake area—though half of this motorized use area is closed from October through July to accommodate the nesting of migratory birds. At 300 acres, Beverly Dunes is smaller than the Moses Lake area, but is noted for being a very family-friendly place to ride, in large part because it has some long soft sand areas where you can open up the throttle a little, and because it has fewer “razorbacks”—dune hazards in the form of knife-edge ridges that are created when the wind blows sand in multiple directions.

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