Grand Mesa

Not surprisingly, the largest mesa in the world, Grand Mesa, offers some of the best snowmobile trails in Colorado. That’s in part because the area is known for an abundant snowfall of about 35 feet (420 inches) per year.

With around 500 square miles, the area is a snowmobilers’ paradise. The main section of the trail is called the “SP,” which stands for Sunlight Mountain to Powderhorn, a well-groomed, 120-mile trail that offers endless snowmobile adventures. Additionally, there are also another 180 miles of adjacent, maintained trails alongside the main trail so you can go off on your own to explore the powdery meadows and hillsides as you wish. Other Grand Mesa snowmobiling trails include Bonham, Bull Creek, Cold Sore, and Vega, each of which offers something to appeal to snowmobile riders of all experience levels.

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