Bennington County

When it comes to riding ATV, Vermont has Bennington County, home of many of the most popular ATV trails in the state.

The 48-mile Molly Stark Trail is a moderately used trail that offers something for all skill levels. A beautiful and simply fantastic drive, it includes spectacular views of rich farmlands, mountains, rivers, and foliage. The popular Bromley Mountain trail, part of the Appalachian system, offers riders 6 miles of trail marked by white trail blazes. Utley Brook Trail North is ideal for families of varying skill levels and offers an up-close and personal view of dense wooded areas. Jack Pines Pirates trail system provides over 30 miles of a variety of terrains, including hard pack, loose dirt, gravel, grass and paved roads. The 2.2-mile Freedley Quarry out and back trail is generally considered ideal for newbies and novice ATV riders, and the 3.1-mile Kelly Camp trail offers a fairly secluded forest road to get away from it all.

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