Aroostook County Trails

With over 1,300 miles of the best Maine ATV trails, Aroostook County is ATV and UTV trail riding nirvana with its crushed rock and gravel terrain and its beautiful landscapes, farmland, open areas and deep woods.

The Bangor & Aroostook Trail is a well-maintained, 63-mile railbed trail that’s divided into two sections that link to one another in Stockholm, ME. The first section travels through Mapleton, Washburn, and Stockholm, while the second section connects the Caribou to Stockholm, then continues to Van Buren. A subsection of this trail is the Houton to Phair Junction Trail, 37 miles of 4-wheeler riding fun through forest and pasture land—except when it rains because parts of the trail are closed during mud season. The 28.8-mile Aroostook Valley Trail, which features many remote streams, connects with the Bangor & Aroostook Trail in Washburn and is part of Maine’s Interconnected Trail System (ITS). It connects Presque Isle, Caribou, Washburn, Woodland, New Sweden, West Field and Wade. The 17-mile St. John Valley Heritage Trail traverses the banks of the Saint John River, tracing the former Fish River Railroad which opened in 1902, between Fort Kent and St. Francis, offering spectacular views of forests, farmland and wetlands dotted with lakes, rivers and ponds.

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