Aroostock County

This remote area of Maine boasts an extensive network of well-maintained, well-groomed trails over varied terrain, suitable for a variety of snowmobiling skill levels.

The main trail covers 28 miles, and connects the Maine cities of Caribou, Presque Isle, Woodland, New Sweden, and Washburn. Little trafficked trails traverse foothills and valleys, past rivers, woods and farmland. Expect plenty of snow. The record to date is around 16½ feet, and for many locals, snowmobiles are the preferred method of transportation in winter.

You’ll also find the St. John’s Heritage Trail in Aroostock County to be one of the best places to go snowmobiling in the state. Though it’s only a 17.5-mile trail weaving from Fort Kent through St. John to Saint Francis, passing through rolling hills, wetlands and dense forest lands and along the St. John River, it’s a gorgeous ride, and offers the opportunity to keep going all day long by traveling on several off-shoots that crisscross the rugged country between Allagash and Madawaska, the heart of the state’s French-speaking North American (Acadian) culture.

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